Welcome to the EPA Developer Portal!

Developers can discover and learn about APIs published by Environment Protection Authority (EPA) here. Just sign up, subscribe to a product and you are all set to access the APIs associated with that product!

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This developer portal provides an ability for developers to explore the APIs published by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) - Victoria.


Products are how you subscribe to APIs. Products in API Management have one or more APIs, and are configured with a title, description, and terms of use.

Get Started

Please follow the below steps to start accessing the APIs:
1. Sign up to the portal.
2. Explore the list of APIs.
3. Once you decide which API you want to access, subscribe to a Product associated with that API.

Once you subscribe to a product, the API keys will be available in your profile.

Developer Support

Default rate limiting is set to 5 requests/sec. Please send an email to servicedesk@epa.vic.gov.au with subject 'EPA API Access Request: Increase rate-limiting' and a justified reason if you want to get it increased for your subscriptions.

If you require any assistance with accessing or interpreting EPA air quality data, send an email to helpdesk@epa.vic.gov.au for systems or access support, or contact@epa.vic.gov.au for content questions or support.